March 26, 2012

What about March in the ciTy?

Twice celebrated on women’s day, and mother’s day. Besides the commercial hype of the latter occasion, what about the woman? 
4:1 ratio, competing for the scarce male counterpart; nose job; Botox dolls; confetti outfits; glittering heels; fallen; virtuous; elegant; fashionable; libertine; libérée; conservative; sexual; faithful; unconventional; sexy; fragile; beautiful; modern; superficial; committed; feminine; oriental; and the list could go on. But beyond the universally obvious: she is half the world and larger than life. She is powerful but unaware of how powerful she is. Forgetful or oblivious of that, she sometimes asks to be empowered or treated equally, with unfinished “we can” slogans. SHE has yet to discover the great power she owns:  that of raising the generations that will rule one day, the generations that will shape the future of this region. How ambitious is that. I ask.

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