November 28, 2010

Time, and again

It has been such a hectic month and time simply flew, again... as it always does, so efficiently. And as we keep wondering where it went, repeatedly, we promise ourselves to get better at managing it, and time again flies, and we keep wondering where it went, so foolishly. But this time, I decided to stop asking myself where time went, or how fast, because time is fundamentally measurable, and constant. However, as exact and unwavering as it is, Time defines us in so many variable ways. Some say Time is the ultimate healer of wounds; I call it forgetfulness, but does it heal?? When painful (or not) conscious becomes subconscious eventually vanishing into oblivion, and we are relieved... we are forgetful creatures on a survival roller coaster and Time is our ally to move on. Time is also the glaring reminder that there is a future which must be planned for, which must be anticipated with all its endless possibilities such that we are prepared and our survival guaranteed, time and again. We can try to ignore Time, in a moment of absolute passion, yet we awaken confined within its ticking boundaries realizing how vain our quest has been. Time is not just quantifiable, it has a real presence in our lives. Isn't it futile to want to manage such vastness? try to tame that all encompassing presence? I take Time on my side as a constant reminder that there is hope, in all the little walks we go on - which become our life journey. Therefore, I shall take all those little walks yet to come, with time on my side.