June 29, 2010

The ciTy is Beirut.
Sunny, vibrant, and chaotic Beirut.
I am a city girl, a Young Urban Professional Supermom kind of ciTy gal.
(YUPS - we should invent an acronym for that ;)
What's this blog about? Things will be clearer as we get more acquainted, so here we go...
I love writing, I have something to say, and I believe in the power of words. Language: one of those godlike features that we humans are endowed with and that we tend to take for granted as we progress and regress on this planet. In the middle of the crazy dizzying pace of urban life in this century, I wondered when and where I had dropped my writing along the way, and the idea of starting a blog has been running in my head since then. I never really wrapped my mind around it until June 29th, the day my blog was born. I like writing longhand and my Moleskine is my favorite ally. Hence, taming that keyboard and getting up to speed with Web2.0 culture is a www generation gap I have decided to overtake.
Back to the beautiful chaos of Beirut ciTy. The way we like it and love to hate every single one of its flaws. Try driving in the ciTy and you will get a crystal clear idea of the chaotic survival of the fittest out there. Beside the fact that we need clever traffic engineering and drivers' re-engineering, with a holistic approach to traffic management - enforcement will be a separate ball game. How do we organize that beautiful chaos we grew to enjoy and live up to? How do we get out of our comfort zone? That is the question.