September 20, 2010

Hamra parade

If you really get to know Hamra, you fall in love. It's not just another special part of the ciTy, it's that kind of place that leaves its mark on you. It is an energy, an attitude, the kind of place loaded with past, present, and future. My last date with her was on Friday 10th, but my story with her dates back. I will pause for the sake of rememberance: my Hamra generation is in another time zone, with places that fueld ideals and inspried my youth; places that are no longer, like Modca and Chez Andre - but places come and go, and afterthought, everything shifts, everyone changes, so why do we expect you to stay the same? Just being sentimental, just push play -->
So cheers to my Hamra, to the free and wild at heart, and cheers to everyone else's; to those who love you, to those who love you less, to those who don't know what they are missing, and even to those who simply don't care. Greet the people of the ciTy on your streets, and safeguard your free spirit; do not bail out on us, we need what's left of us in there.