August 31, 2011

To Brand or Not to Brand?

That is the question.  W.Drentell rightly states "the symbol for a country should not be created by branding experts" (full article 'My country is not a brand':; but a nation needs a perceived image if it is to rise to the global radar. Some countries in the region have started getting in the game by investing behind acquiring foreign brands, or simply by initiating the brand building process in-house. Top of mind: Qatar Fifa 2022 World Cup is a giant leap forward on the national image brand building front. At the other end of the scale is the prevailing short sighted quick-buck mentality on our ciTy streets. We are simply at odds with the long term process of building intangible assets - let alone their potential economic contribution. Some brave companies have understood the positive ripple effect that strong brands can have on a nation’s wealth creation, but common practice in our strange and terrible ciTy remains at that other end of the scale: short sighted quick-buck mentality. Out of habit? Out of practice? Out of the game, is where we stand, and highly unlikely of becoming a hub of anything in the foreseeable future. What is our nation's perceived image? And is that how we want to be perceived? I ask.