October 20, 2010

Deformation is a skill

Asperity, one of those versatile words defined as 'roughness' in a climate, 'harshness' in a tone, 'severity' in a temper, 'ruggedness' in a surface ... surfaces touch at their asperities, those uneven rough edges that deform when pressure is applied, when there is overload. Deformation. We have almost mastered that skill, at every level. At a glance one can see that we are becoming predatory, and growing comfortable in our ways. Beirut, at times, is a city that makes you violent against your will. What is driving the people of this City? Overload- of everyting, and the list is tedious ... so you name it. The good, the bad, and the worse. Not to forget the overload of talent. A talent to astonish the world, and yet we have chosen the road to deformation. It does take talent indeed to master that skill.