December 29, 2010

Hope and Dream

Two words: Hope and Dream. Everyone, everywhere, needs to hope and to dream. Isn't that true? There are cities under the sun where it takes one to hope harder and dream stronger; places left to their own devices, and vices... Beirut ciTy is such a place. It takes fortitude to be willing and able to hope and dream when all around us points differently, everyday, in our strange, beautiful, and terrible ciTy. My fellow citizen have fully wrapped their minds around this reality. We must have figured out a long time ago what our survival entails, hence our resilience and willingness to hope beyond our own expectations and dream, everytime. Be it what it may, at this time of the year, I will spare you the cliche greetings of the season. I will wish you instead two words, that someone close to my heart recently offered me in beautiful backlits, now hanging as a ray of light in my hallway, a beaming reminder: to keep the Hope and carry the Dream, always within. And as within, so without; I wish you Hope per chance to Dream, and Dream to always have the will to Hope. Pass it on, it is worth the while.


  1. thank you for a wonderful greeting...
    I wish you happiness, good health and the power to keep up your good work
    love u!

  2. Loun, love u too! Thanks for belivin'